JA-Rocky Mountain Board Member Receives National Award for Volunteerism

Allison Kinsley, Steve Kinsley, and Robin Wise at the National Leadership Summit in New York City

We are proud to announce that Steve Kinsley, JA-Rocky Mountain board member and president of Kinsley Meetings, has been chosen from hundreds of thousands of U.S. volunteers as one of 10 recipients of Junior Achievement’s most prestigious national award for volunteerism, the Gold Leadership Award. Junior Achievement’s Gold Leadership Award honors volunteer excellence, recognizing leadership in support of JA’s student impact, resources, operational excellence and sustainability.

Steve has served on the JA-Rocky Mountain Board of Directors since 2009. The time, talent, energy and financial resources that Steve has invested in JA over the course of the last eight years have had a measurable impact on local students and the community at large. His efforts with JA have gone far toward ensuring that the next generation of workers, leaders and entrepreneurs is well equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in life.

“Always on the lookout for ways to promote JA, Steve is an ambassador extraordinaire in the community who never misses an opportunity to link JA to anyone,” said JA-Rocky Mountain President Robin Wise. “His spirit and genuine passion for the mission make him someone you just can’t say no to.”

Steve not only guides JA-Rocky Mountain with excellence, he personally helps young people believe in the marketplace and trust the power of their own potential.  He is a member of the JA Apple Society at the 500+ student level, having volunteered to deliver 29 JA programs to local students. One of his personal favorites is JA Capitalism with a Conscience, a hands-on program that allows students to discuss business ethics with local business executives.  In the classroom, Steve is a powerful role model who opens a world of possibilities to students by explaining economic concepts and discussing career opportunities.  Steve is also a regular volunteer at JA Finance Park, a program that he helped bring to the Denver market.

Steve was honored on March 13 at the National Volunteer Summit in New York City.