Let’s Build the Future Together. Volunteer.

“I have no doubt that I make a difference to all the youth I have had the pleasure of presenting to and, in return, I have seen students work together to create amazing and creative products, seen shy and quiet students stand up in front of their peers and present their opinions and ideas, and most importantly, seen our youth become leaders of their classrooms.” -Karen Griffith, JA Volunteer

Watch JA volunteer Karen Griffith in action.

Volunteer for Kids in Our Community

For more than 100 years, volunteers have been a vital part of Junior Achievement’s mission. We welcome individuals, corporations, and community groups to join us in building young people’s hope and optimism for their future. By sharing your story, you can change a child’s life!

What JA Volunteers Do

Using JA’s easy-to-follow classroom guidebooks, volunteers deliver important life lessons while also sharing their unique experiences and perspectives, inspiring students to achieve their dreams!

In younger grades, lessons are centered around the difference between needs and wants, how money moves through a community, examples of jobs that build a community, how voting and elections work, the relationship between natural, human, and capital resources, and more. In older grade levels, lessons focus on savings, credit, loans, investing, how to start and run a business, creating a resume, how to interview for a job, budgeting personal finances responsibly, business ethics, and more.

How JA Volunteers Make a Difference for Kids

4-in-5 alumni of JA report JA played an important role in choosing their career path. In fact, 51% of JA alumni say they have worked in the same job or career as their JA volunteer.

Discover more ways you are making a difference by volunteering with kids in JA.

Volunteer Opportunities for Every Interest and Every Schedule

There are tons of ways to get involved as a JA volunteer. You can visit a classroom for weekly hour-long sessions, participate in a full-day event, guide students through a field trip experience, and more. JA offers programs all throughout the region, so no matter where you work, live, or play, we’ll find a location that’s most convenient for you.

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