President’s Message: A different kind of home opener for the Colorado Rockies this spring

The average household spends 5.5% of their monthly income on entertainment. For those who had the privilege of seeing Hamilton (Woo hoo! I finally got tickets!), that percentage is probably a whole lot higher, and it’s also a lot higher for teens. Young people typically spend twice as much as adults on entertainment, which includes electronics, movie tickets, concerts, video games, and sporting events.

For now, it is okay for teens to spend the majority of their money on wants, but very soon, they will be tossed into the reality of adulthood where an understanding of saving, loans, insurance and budgeting is critical to their economic success. That is where JA Finance Park, presented by Transamerica, comes in. The Park provides a place for students to practice making the same financial decisions that adults make every day, without the risk of costly consequences. Guided by adult volunteer role models, students work towards a balanced budget that, thanks to our newest store sponsor, includes entertainment.

We are thrilled to announce that in addition to the big game on April 6, the Colorado Rockies will have a different kind of home opener this spring, as the newest sponsor of JA Finance Park! The Colorado Rockies Entertainment Store will help students better understand what their personal entertainment tastes and preferences actually cost. As they choose different options (Rockpile vs. Club Level), they’ll discover how close they are to budgeting accurately, based on their wants and needs.

Spring is JA’s busiest season and more than 2,500 students will experience the new Rockies store and JA Finance Park in April (19,000+ students will visit the park this school year). Please consider signing up to volunteer at the Park or in the classroom this spring. And, if you’re a young professional, join us during Financial Literacy Month (April) for the incredible opportunity to learn from Dick Monfort, owner and CEO of the Colorado Rockies at the JA Engage Networking Breakfast on April 26, 2018. Go Rockies!