JA Stock Market Challenge

“I definitely didn’t expect the event to be like this, so I think overall, I learned a lot more about how the stock market works. The competition was a big team-building thing, and I think a big part of our success was keeping track of our progress.”

-Avery, Evergreen High School student

The Junior Achievement Stock Market Challenge and JA Take Stock in Your Future program introduce high school students to the fundamentals of stocks, the impact of world events on the stock market, long-term investing, and how investors make investment decisions and diversify their portfolios. Students then get to put their learning into practice in the JA Stock Market Challenge, a hands-on and high-tech immersive simulation. 

Both the JA Take Stock in Your Future curriculum and the JA Stock Market Challenge are offered at no cost to schools.


During the event, volunteers assume the roles of floor traders and press release runners. Floor traders enter team trades into handheld PDAs which are immediately transferred to the giant trading screens for all participants to see. Press release runners distribute news, which guides participants’ decisions on the stocks they wish to buy or sell.

JA Take Stock in Your Future Curriculum

Includes five volunteer-led sessions. If preferred, classes may register for JA Take Stock in Your Future without participating in the JA Stock Market Challenge.

Register your class for the JA Stock Market Challenge

  • Teams of high school students compete in a live stock market simulation to see who can grow their initial $500,000 investment into the largest net worth mock stock portfolio.
  • Every 60 seconds in real life equates to one full day of trading, creating the same urgency and intensity investors would have on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.
  • The top three winning teams are awarded trophies and are recognized in media publications.

Denver Metro Student Sessions

When: Thursday, November 7 and Friday, November 8, 2024
Where: The Cable Center at the University of Denver
Contact: Stephanie Murphy at SMurphy@JARockyMountain.org for more information.

Northern Colorado Student Sessions

When: Thursday, November 14, 2024
Where: The Drake Centre
Contact: Elizabeth Winn at EWinn@JARockyMountain.org for more information.

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