JA Finance Park, presented by Transamerica

“I take my students to JA Finance Park because it’s a fun, immersive experience that gives my students the opportunity to practice crucial life skills like budgeting, thinking about savings, and planning investments in a supportive environment. The work my students do at JA Finance Park seems to “sink in” far better than any of the financial literacy lessons I’ve ever taught on my own in my classroom.”

-Hannah Drager, Teacher


JA Finance Park, presented by Transamerica, helps students build a foundation for making intelligent and lifelong personal financial decisions through a hands-on, realistic simulation experience. The program has been recognized by Harvard University’s Global Education Innovation Initiative as a program with innovative curriculum and best practices related to 21st century skills in financial literacy education.

JA Finance Park content aligns to the Colorado State Standards and Individual Career Academic Plan (ICAP).


JA Finance Park offers two unique experiences tailored for middle school (Entry Level) and high school (Advanced Level) students. ALL curriculum is provided to teachers at no cost.

Entry Level (grades 7-8) – Twelve in-class lessons prior to the park visit (or virtual simulation). Click here for more details on the Entry Level program.

Advanced Level (grades 9-12) – Seven Foundational in-class lessons and 21 optional Extension lessons. Click here for more details on the Advanced Level program.

Once the content concludes students participate in the JA Finance Park simulation. Students become an adult for the day and are immersed in a reality-based decision-making process addressing aspects of individual family budgeting, including housing, transportation, food, utilities, healthcare, investments, philanthropy, and banking.


JA Finance Park facilities are located in the Denver Tech Center and Thornton. The simulation is also available in a fully virtual version.


Curriculum and simulation experience offered for FREE to all students thanks to support from generous donors.

Corporate and community volunteers help guide students on pros and cons of decision making when it comes to their budget and spending habits. Volunteers also share their own stories and experiences, which keeps students engaged during their visit to the park.

If you have questions, please contact us at FinancePark@JARockyMountain.org.

Stay tuned for information regarding registration for the 2024/25 school year.

JA Finance Park is an innovation in education designed to prepare our regions’ youth for life and work in the adult world. This learning experience combines in-class learning with a visit to JA’s immersive on-site facility. JA also offers a virtual version of the simulation. From goal-setting to saving, budgeting, shopping, and bill paying, students will step into the future and catch a glimpse of what’s possible if they take control of their financial future.
In partnership with JA staff and classroom teachers, volunteers assist groups of 6-10 students as they work through budgetary decisions in the simulation. Volunteers arrive at JA Finance Park ahead of students to receive an interactive, hands-on training. The training will prepare you to lead students on the tablet based simulation and answer common questions. Throughout the simulation, you will play a strong role as a mentor by sharing your own experiences with education, career choices, managing finances, and more! Your story provides a real-world perspective for young people.
“I feel like this generation now focuses too much on what money can buy instead of the actual things that money can do. A program like this really allows people to open up their eyes…It’s good to know that we’re helping kids understand that life is not just about money and that there’s more to it.” -Pablo Sanchez-Hernandez, Volunteer

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