Success Stories

“If it wasn’t for Junior Achievement bringing the real-world into the classroom, I would have never been exposed to the idea and the possibility that I could belong in a place such as the Walt Disney Company or I can belong in an environment where I have a seat at the table.”

– Oliver Martinez-Reyes, JA Alumnus

Two girls at desk working together in classroom.

“Today I got to teach a 4th grade class about the importance of financial knowledge through JA. It was a little over 18 years ago that I was in their shoes, where another JA volunteer inspired me to want to join the Finance industry. Never in my life did I think I would actually fulfill that dream and become a Stockbroker, but I definitely never imagined I’d be back in this school doing the same for other students. My heart is happy today.”

– Fergie Alvarez, JA Alum & Volunteer

“There are a couple of what I call ‘pinball moments’ in your life that kind of change your trajectory. Truth be told, JA Business Week was one of those pinball moments for me. My mentor was an entrepreneur, and he inspired me personally to be who I feel called to be.”

-Michael Taylor, JA Alum & Owner, Taylor Realty Group

Mike Taylor, JA alum and Owner, Taylor Realty Group

“I wouldn’t have been able to end up working where I do now if it weren’t for JA. It was a lot of hard work but JA was the reason I even had a direction to go in. It’s life changing.”

-Elijah Janello, JA Alum

“The JA Stock Market Challenge was thrilling and fast paced while also incredibly informative. I am now more motivated than ever to invest in my future. My high school career wouldn’t have been the same without it.”

-Ainsley, JA Stock Market Challenge student participant

Crowd of high school students cheering at the JA Stock Market Challenge.

“Junior Achievement really helped me figure out what I like to do. It pushes you to kind of push yourself.”

-Jasmine, JA Alum

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