Through JA Business Week, they are investing in their future

For the past nine years, my company has given me time-off to volunteer as a Company Advisor (CA) for Junior Achievement Business Week: a one-of-a-kind summer camp that exposes high school students to the excitement and challenge of the business world, while developing leadership skills and planning for their future careers.

Students experience life on a college campus, work with local companies on a “Shark Tank”-style project, learn how local businesses got started, and find out more about themselves and how they want to shape their future.

As the Company Advisor, I help students interpret business theory presented by the speakers, work through realistic lesson plans, and understand and make the decisions needed to operate a company through discussions, activities, and creative workgroups.

My group of nine students competed for as a consulting services for Lola’s Sugar Rush, Colorado’s premier old-fashioned candy shop in historic, downtown Littleton. Lola’s Sugar Rush just finalized the decision to open a second store and each JA Business Week second year group was to plan and forecast in the marketing, operations, financials, and design for the new store! Each team was judged on the written plans and final presentation at the end of the week. Every student on the winning team received a generous cash scholarship from Lola Salazar, the owner of Lola’s Sugar Rush to support their educational aspirations.

My team did an amazing job and I ended our time together by reminding them that their future is shaped by their actions, their determination, and the knowledge they gather from opportunities like JA Business Week. They are investing in their future, every day!

Alan Asher
Sr. Business Management Specialist
TIAA-CREF | Financial Services

“Be courageous. Follow paths that lead to your passion. Be honest, kind, and forgiving, and remember, success is your birthright!” -Lola Salazar, owner of Lola’s Sugar Rush