The (New!) JA Company Program

Junior Achievement’s Flagship Program Since 1919. Preparing Teen Entrepreneurs For 2019.

Colorado teens will be some of the first in the nation to experience the reimagined JA Company Program.

Under the guidance of their teacher and a JA volunteer, students will run a business from start to finish. Instead of selling stock certificates (as in the previous version of the program), students can now choose from a variety of start-up funding strategies, including online crowdfunding, ‘bootstrapping’ and outside investments. In addition to the option of selling their products at school or other physical locations, students can now choose to sell their goods online through partnerships with Shopify and Etsy, and use mobile credit card processing through Intuit GoPayment.

The cloud-based platform also features videos and other interactive features to bring entrepreneurial concepts to life. Students can share and save their work through a Dropbox-style e-portfolio system. You can continue to follow the progress of the reimagined program through the JA USA blog.

The possibilities for online and offline interaction are endless with the new JA Company Program, giving students a real-life experience that they will remember forever!

Do you remember your JA experience in high school – did you make something and sell it, as part of the JA Company Program? Join our online alumni community through LinkedIn!