“I love working with educators and schools”

Jerry Glunz
Jerry Glunz

As a Horace Mann insurance agent, Jerry Glunz works to build business relationships with schools by sponsoring school activities and educating educators about financial matters.  Along the way, Jerry has found time to volunteer with JA.

“I heard about JA from a Horace Mann regional vice president, who had worked with JA in Oregon,” Jerry said.  “I started to volunteer because it was a way to give back to schools.”

Jerry has volunteered for JA at the elementary, middle, and high school levels, and volunteering through the JA in a Day, traditional delivery methods, and “other duties as assigned”.  He is no stranger to being in schools though.  Jerry taught middle school for ten years in Aurora and Douglas County.  “While I taught, I owned a small seasonal business.  While teaching, I was a Horace Mann client.  My entrepreneurial spirit motivated me to look at opportunities at Horace Mann insurance.  I love working with educators and schools.”

He enjoys being back in the classroom in a volunteering capacity.  “I have the ability to blend my teaching and entrepreneurial abilities to help students understand the business world and their post high school options.”  Jerry also added that one his most memorable experience was “teaching a high school JA course.  It seemed liked the students were not so engaged at the start.  As we continued over the weeks, the students really became engaged and looked forward to our time together.”

“One of my best experiences, though, was teaching a second grade class for the first time.  I was trained as a middle/high school teacher.  I was afraid of the younger grades.  The students and teacher were awesome.  They were all very engaged and we learned a lot.”

Jerry is a Colorado native who is a product of Denver Public Schools and attended the University of Colorado in Boulder.  In his free time, he enjoys spending it with his family, biking, and skiing.  Jerry also said that he “doesn’t mind a little travel every year.”  However, he also enjoys spending time in the classroom through JA.

“Working with JA is personally rewarding and helps me provide a service to the education community.  JA is one of the best ways I can continue to support schools, students, and learning in my community.”