“Every little bit counts”

Larry Hendrickson representing the Vail Valley Advisory Board at a JA Board Meeting

Larry Hendrickson has 40 years of experience in the business world. He has worked in general management for AT&T and multiple smaller telecom firms, serving as a CEO and COO. Hendrickson became involved with Junior Achievement in 2008 when he first heard about our programs. He not only volunteers his time, but also recruits volunteers so JA is able to fulfill requests from teachers in Eagle County School District.

Hendrickson has taught at least 16 JA programs in Eagle County, reaching over 400 students. He volunteers for JA to make a contribution to the preparation of our children and young adults to make a difference in our economy and our society. “It may be a small contribution, but every little bit counts.”

Larry’s favorite memory of volunteering for JA is when he was approached by a student for advice which turned into a personal discussion. Larry helped coach this student through negotiating a much better job and compensation. He helped this student to see that can get anything he wants if he does his homework and asks with confidence.

Larry would recommend volunteering for JA to help the students but also to help yourself. He says ‘’I get a charge of energy from every class I teach. It makes me stay young.” He believes that same charge of energy is given to the kids every time they work with a JA volunteer. “There are many people who give money; sometimes very large amounts. But making a personal effort to show others how to be successful contributors in our economy and society can be far more valuable.”