Students Job Shadow at the Microsoft Store

Hi! My name is Colton, and I’m a senior at Dakota Ridge High School. I’ve been working part-time since I was 15 years old, and I really believe in starting “real life” as soon as I can. I’m saving for college and practicing with job and scholarship interviews now. I hope to be a criminal investigator, working my way through the Jefferson County cadet program.

I chose to come to the Microsoft Store Job Shadow to see another perspective of the company. When I think of Microsoft, I think of a big corporate office with tons of computer programmers. It was especially helpful to see the retail side and to understand how sales and marketing works on the ground level! I liked learning about the strategy in promoting new products. It reminds me to be more strategic in promoting myself and in planning my future.

One of the employees shared that the customers are their key motivation. The customers are what keeps the employee determined to do their job well. When I am a criminal investigator, my customers will be the victims’ families, and those people will motivate me to do my job well. I liked seeing that connection.

The Microsoft employees spent some time talking about their company culture and management style. They shared that they do fun icebreakers and daily meetings to make sure everyone understands the products they’re selling, the sales goals, and more. Plus, the fun icebreakers help them get in a good mood. My personal leadership style is to try to be positive and lead by example. If I’m in a good mood and working hard, then other people with be in better moods, too. Attitudes are contagious. Microsoft was a really positive place with that same positive, contagious attitudes. That was really good for me and my classmates to see!