Featured Partner: Aegon Transamerica Foundation

From being the presenting sponsor of Junior Achievement (JA) Finance Park to engaging their employees as volunteers, Transamerica, a leading retirement and life insurance company, is making an incredible impact on youth in Metro Denver through their support of JA-Rocky Mountain.

Transamerica’s philanthropic arm, the Aegon Transamerica Foundation, is proud to be a long-time supporter of JA’s mission to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy. As a private national nonprofit organization, the Aegon Transamerica Foundation is focused on making the communities where Transamerica employees live and work more inclusive through financial and social empowerment.

As the presenting sponsor of both JA Finance Park facilities in Thornton and the Denver Tech Center, the Aegon Transamerica Foundation provides middle and high school students with the opportunity to learn the knowledge and skills they need to make intelligent, long-term financial decisions through a hands-on, realistic simulation experience. With the help of volunteers, students learn how to budget for different expenses, including housing, healthcare, childcare, transportation, food, and post-secondary education.

“The earlier we can share these messages of boundless potential, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy, the more likely it is that students will capture a vision of what they can achieve,” said Brian Florey, Director of Strategic Relationships at Transamerica and JA Board Member. “It’s exciting to engage with kids when they are still dreaming. The earlier they engage with JA, the more it resonates.”

Through a combination of financial grants and the volunteer commitment of Transamerica employees, the Aegon Transamerica Foundation is focused on making a positive impact in our community. Financial literacy is one of the many societal needs the Foundation supports.

“Financial literacy is one of the key pillars of the Foundation because it equips people to make informed decisions and make the most out of life, and that’s a big piece of Transamerica’s purpose,” said Florey. He believes that the Aegon Transamerica Foundation’s support helps JA reach more young people, deepening the positive impact JA can have on the next generation.

“The Aegon Transamerica Foundation’s support for JA-Rocky Mountain gives me a genuine sense of hope and optimism,” said Florey. “JA’s work is absolutely critical to fuel young people’s ambition and creativity, as well as the ability to manage finances at an early age. Being a part of that gives me a lot of pride.”

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