Careers Start Here at JA

The New York Post states 34% of young adults don’t have a life plan after graduating. It’s critical that students obtain some sort of post-secondary training as 91% of jobs in Colorado that can support a family of three require a credential past high school, while only 62% of Coloradans have a post-secondary credential or degree. JA Here to Career™ is a great place for them to start; it gives young adults a unique opportunity to engage in detailed career exploration, with a focus on job and career opportunities in our community and regional area.

JA Here to Career, presented locally by TIAA, is a new, online career exploration platform that gives middle and high school students the opportunity to take a vocational interest assessment and then explore careers that align with their results. This state-of-the-art technology includes:
-an assessment to provide students with suggestions on careers that best suit their interests, talents, and values;
-graphic depiction of careers that includes information about day to day responsibilities and local companies that typically hire individuals for this role, as well as earning potential; and
-the opportunity to explore postsecondary education requirements, cost, and regional opportunities.

Local sponsors, such as Rocky Mountain Mechanical Contractors Association, provide students with unique opportunities to learn about options in their own community and regional area.

JA-Rocky Mountain will activate this valuable learning tool by integrating it into existing career-focused high school programs including the Daniels Fund JA Dream Accelerator, JA Finance Park, JA Explore Your Path, and JA Career Speaker Series.

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