Robin Wise featured on “The Untold Story with Martha MacCallum”

In the podcast episode “Making Up For Lost Time: Reforming Schools In Post-Pandemic America”, Robin Wise, President & CEO of Junior Achievement-Rocky Mountain, asserts the way to help kids succeed is to not only teach them the concepts of financial literacy and career readiness, but also entrepreneurship; more importantly the entrepreneurial spirit – the mindset of an entrepreneur.

“It is persistence and grit and hope and optimism and creative thinking, that I believe, and Junior Achievement believes, will lead you farther in life and build a self-sufficient young person,” said Wise.

Wise commented that Junior Achievement isn’t about going to college, but is certainly is about gaining skills and arming young leaders with the message of freedom and personal responsibility. “With more skill or more education, you have more choice in your life. And I think that’s the key to the pursuit of happiness – earning your success.”

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