Be A Game Changer

Volunteers Help Level the Playing Field of Life

Practice makes perfect.” – Benjamin Franklin

This is a quote we have heard from the time we were little even into adulthood. If you were an athlete, you heard it from your coaches, support staff, and parents. Now imagine this quote never existed and instead read, “Good luck. I hope it works out for you.” No one explained the rules of the game. No practice. No game plan. No coaches. Just go out there and do your best, kid, but your best wasn’t good enough. It would be unfair, but nobody would blame the player. They would blame the circumstances.

Now, imagine a world where no one explains the rules of the game of life. No one explains the rules. No discussions of how money works. No game plan for how education supports your future job or career. And certainly, no coaching about how to start or run a business. We’re told just go out there and do your best, kid. But our best isn’t good enough. We’re unprepared for the game. This time, though, people blame the player. Not the circumstances. A more fitting saying would be, “it’s a dog-eat-dog world”. The reality is that in sports, athletes are never asked to go into a game unprepared, but in life, we are not only asked, but expected to just figure it out as we go along…until now.

Volunteers are the game-changer!

They are the player that ignites those around them to do better and be better. They are the player that changes the “on court” or “on field” energy that’s a spark plug and leads the team to victory. They are the ones that young people need. Young people need someone to share their personal and professional experiences and skills to help them make the connection between what they learn in school and life outside the classroom. Someone they can relate to and yet aspire to be. They need someone you wish you had.

Our research shows that students who have experienced JA go on to have a greater belief in self and sense of purpose. They report higher levels of career satisfaction, confidence in managing money, and willingness to start and run a business.

So, whether you are working in an office, hybrid, or from home, there are many opportunities for you to find the best way to engage with students. They need your support. Suit up. It’s game time.

Suit up and become a JA Volunteer!

In addition, if you’re unable to volunteer you can still be a game changer by financially supporting Junior Achievement programming. Schedule your donation today!