Teamwork Skills From JA Are Long-Lasting

Junior Achievement- Rocky Mountain Alumnus and Inspiration Scholarship recipient, Isaac S. Solano, graduated from Denver’s North High School in 2009 and has continued to make JA proud as he follows his passion for education, through education. Following high school, Solano earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science with a minor in Chicano and Latino Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison before heading to New York City to complete a Master of Arts degree in Education Policy from the Teachers College of Columbia University.  In 2019 Solano will complete a PhD in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies from the University of Denver, helping him achieve his goal of becoming a Superintendent for a public school district.

“Junior Achievement-Rocky Mountain has made a huge impact on my life,” Solano says. “I know JA and its programs helped build a solid foundation and are one of the reasons why I have been so successful.” Solano attended JA Business Week for 3 years and participated in the JA Stock Market Challenge.

“Junior Achievement certainly helped to prepare me for the work I do,” he adds. “All of the JA programs are designed to help students do two things: learn about business and learn about how to work in a team with others. Although education is not a business, working collaboratively in education is something that is a necessity. Every JA program that I participated in helped me build in teamwork skills, and those are skills I still use every day when I am at the university or out at a school conducting research.”

Although Solano’s path to success has had plenty of turns along the way, his passion for making a difference in public education has remained a constant. As a dedicated researcher, equipped with incredible knowledge, he will continue on the path to provide students with the tools they need to succeed.