From the Desk of Robin Wise: Colorado’s Business Legends are Role Models for Young People

Each year, in partnership with the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce, we honor Colorado business pioneers who, with grit and determination, helped shape the institutions and economic landscape of this great state. These business legends have dedicated their lives to their families and communities, and to the principles of free enterprise. Their contributions have not only made our state better off, these individuals are also amazing examples of leadership and fortitude that inspire all of us to build our own opportunities and reach new heights. You can learn more about this year’s laureates, here.

Much like our laureates, Junior Achievement volunteers are role models, taking the time to mentor the next generation of innovators, entrepreneurs and leaders. For our young people, I see a future of unlimited potential because of our volunteers. I know our JA students see that potential in themselves too.

Your interest and enthusiasm in Junior Achievement is helping build up young people who share that unique American culture of optimism, charity, zeal and enterprise. As we approach our 100th anniversary year, I hope you will consider giving to Junior Achievement or volunteering with us if you do not already. Together, we’ll instill in our young people a belief in the free market and the power of their own potential to reach their dreams.

Thank you for your being part of the JA family, and happy holidays to you and your loved ones!

Robin Wise