JA Volunteer of the Year: Brian Sowl

Brian Sowl

JA’s 2018 Volunteer of the Year was nominated not once, not twice, not even three times. Brian Sowl was nominated for this honor four times by people who all recognize his passion and dedication to ensuring that JA students are prepared for their futures. Brian leads the JA support efforts at Nelnet. He has supported JA Business Week, JA Finance Park, JA Stock Market Challenge, JA in a Day, and has helped raise thousands of dollars for Nelnet’s JA Bowl-A-Thon.

Brian is a JA alumni and understands firsthand the lasting impact JA can have on a student’s life. In addition to motivating others to get involved, Brian is an active volunteer who is a member of the JA Apple Society, a group of individuals who have reached more than 250 students. Brian has personally delivered JA programs to more than 750 students, and will doubt continue to inspire young people for many years to come.