A New Year, A New Approach

Through JA programming, Hannah Phillip and her classmates wrote a business plan; developed a budget; produced, marketed and sold water bottles; and made a $4,300 profit. Hannah and her fellow entrepreneurs went on to donate the money they made to help bring safe drinking water to communities in need around the world. Hannah credits her JA volunteers and mentors for helping her understand business, identify her future career path, and learn how to channel failure into personal growth and success.

“We failed a lot while we were working on our business, and I learned that you often have to fail in order to improve and be successful.  That was an important lesson for me,” said Hannah.

We know from data that students, like Hannah, who participate in high school JA programs reveal differences in their optimism about achieving future success. We know JA students feel more personally in control of their destiny and aren’t afraid to take risks. One reason is that they know that they have the support of JA volunteers and donors behind them, and they’ve developed the confidence, know-how and determination to succeed. This JA Spirit is embraced not only by our students, but also by the JA staff.

JA has always had tremendous outcomes for kids, but after four years of disciplined, rigorous study, we are ready to evolve from an organization that heavily weighted its success by the number of students reached, to an organization that is focused on achieving significant learning outcomes. This year, JA will launch and execute an organizational strategy that is laser focused on elevating student outcomes by reaching the right student, at the right time, with the right program.

Your support is inspiring students like Hannah to embrace entrepreneurship and business ownership, as well as a belief in self-reliance, and the opportunity to make a difference in the world.  Your support is also inspiring us to raise an even higher bar on the expected outcomes for students served across the Front Range and in the mountain communities.

Our refined business model will lead to a greater ability to fill gaps in a student’s economic education, greater efficiencies, more volunteer satisfaction, and a deeper connection to the organization and its mission.  Your support is an investment and we want to provide the highest return possible, now and in the future.