Former Entrepreneur Inspires JA Students

Frank Pulley finds joy in teaching JA programs and working with kids

What’s the special ingredient in JA’s secret sauce? It’s simple – our volunteers! Meet Frank Pulley, for example. Who better to teach children about financial management and business ownership than an entrepreneur?

Frank Pulley and his wife Becky, owned A-1 Scuba and Travel Center in Englewood for 22 years. As an entrepreneur, Frank enjoyed the challenges and rewards of business ownership, and after a successful career, decided to sell the business in 2006.

Shifting gears and starting a new work life in real estate, Frank found he enjoyed his more flexible schedule and free time, and that’s when he found JA.

“A friend of ours who worked for Van Guilder Insurance suggested I look at volunteering with JA – what a great fit!” said Frank. “JA is right up my alley, and for 11 years I have taught every program from first to sixth grade.”

It has always been important to Frank to give back to his community. As a business owner, Frank says he wrote checks and made financial contributions to support local non-profits. Now, however, Frank is happy to have the time to volunteer and to share what he’s learned with the next generation.

“I love the interactions with kids. Every year is a learning experience, and I gain as much from them as they gain from me. The world needs creativity, initiative, and new businesses, and it’s important to help kids see the many options that exist for them,” said Frank.

“Volunteering with JA is extremely fulfilling. What’s really fun is to see kids that you’ve taught – at the grocery store or out in the community – and they recognize you. I’ve had kids tell me that they loved what they learned from me. That’s when you know you’ve made an impact.”

As a new school year gears up, Frank looks forward to getting back into the classroom, and the teachers and students he works with can’t wait to welcome him “back to school.”