JE Dunn VP Mike Tilbury leads charge for JA

Mike Tilbury, VP of JE Dunn Construction

There are countless ways to support Junior Achievement-Rocky Mountain (JA), and JE Dunn, a JA partner for more than 10 years, continually finds new and creative ways to do just that.  Mike Tilbury, vice president of JE Dunn Construction, joined the JA board of directors in March 2017.  While he is new to the board, he is not new to JA or to volunteering his time in service to the organization and the young people it inspires.

Mike first volunteered with JA in 2004 and says he likes teaching the 3rd grade traditional curriculum ─ JA Our City ─ the best. JA Our City teaches the characteristics of cities and how people and businesses in cities manage their money. Students learn the role of an entrepreneur by exploring what it takes to open a restaurant.

“The response and connections from the students by the end of the last session was personally rewarding and confirmed that I was making an important impact,” said Mike.

High school students don safety gear as they participate in JE Dunn’s JA STEM Job Shadow

With the help of other JA champions, such as Rose Lovato, who coordinates JE Dunn’s JA volunteerism, Mike leads the company’s many employee volunteer and fundraising efforts for JA.  In addition to volunteering in the classroom and at JA Finance Park, JE Dunn professionals host JA STEM Job Shadow experiences at their offices.

“The JA STEM Job Shadow Program that JE Dunn sponsors has been a great opportunity for high school students to get exposure to the design and construction industry and a fun way for employees to give back to our community,” said Mike.

In support of fundraising efforts, JE Dunn professionals team up each year to support an initiative called JA Calls for Kids.  JE Dunn staffers make calls to encourage other companies to invest in JA’s focus on financial literacy, work-readiness skills and entrepreneurship. Since employees began JA Calls for Kids during the 2005/2006 school year, they have raised more than $168,000 to benefit JA programs.

In May, 19 JE Dunn volunteers taught JA in a Day at Skyview Elementary in Adams 12 School District

“JE Dunn’s JA Calls for Kids is a unique grassroots fundraising campaign that makes a vital difference and has been a cornerstone of our annual campaign for the past 12 years,” said Shayna Braunstein, development manager for JA. “Thanks to participation from JE Dunn’s donors and volunteers who call small- to mid-sized businesses, we’re able to continue our mission and bring new and renewed support to teaching kids how to be money smart and entrepreneurial.”

In addition to supporting JA Calls for Kids, Mike Tilbury and other JE Dunn leaders and clients will be out on the links playing in JA’s Annual Golf Classic held at the Sanctuary Golf Course June 25 and 26. The event provides a great opportunity to strengthen client relationships while raising funds for JA programs.

As a new board member, Mike hopes to provide leadership to JA and to support the strategy and direction of the organization. “I also hope to continue JE Dunn’s financial impact through our corporate campaign and to increase awareness and participation in JA among even more JE Dunn professionals,” said Mike.