The Good Stuff You Don’t Learn in School

When I first attended JA Business Week following my sophomore year in high school, I was skeptical of what I was getting myself into. I asked myself WHY? Why would I even consider spending my summer doing more school work and sitting all day in classrooms?

Well, believe it or not, just a few weeks later, after I had completed the program, I found myself sharing with everybody I knew that JA Business Week was the most rewarding life experience I’d ever had.

The people I met were like-minded individuals who worked together the entire week on a business project while at the same time having a tremendous amount of fun.

Ten years later, I am back as a JA Business Week volunteer and a small business owner, and I am convinced that JA Business Week students will absolutely be the future business leaders of America. The concepts that students learn, the connections they make, and the overall experience is just not taught in school.

JA BusinessWeek changed my life, and I know it has changed the lives of many others too.

-Alonzo Martinez
CEO- Komotodo Sushi Burrito