The freedom to pursue dreams

The Colorado Business Hall of Fame laureates are well known for their legendary contributions to the free enterprise system. Together, these pioneering men and women built businesses that transformed our state into a vibrant place to live and work. But being a Colorado Business Hall of Fame laureate is not only about having a successful business enterprise – it’s about participation.

I read a quote somewhere that said, “Only God and angels are allowed to observe. The rest of us must participate.” Woven among all of the laureates’ stories is a strong lesson about the importance of participation. In addition to building businesses, our laureates helped build the schools, and shaped the cultural institutions, hospitals and organizations that allow our community to thrive. It’s interesting to note that dozens of our laureates also served their country to protect our freedom to pursue our dreams.

Colorado’s young people are fortunate to learn from the example of our laureates and our JA volunteers – amazing community leaders who inspire future generations to value and protect one of the most dynamic forces in human history – the Entrepreneurial Spirit! They exemplify participation at its finest.