JA alumnus serves up sushi burritos and business guidance

Anyone hungry for a sushi burrito? That’s right. A sushi burrito. In October 2015, JA-Rocky Mountain alumnus and volunteer Alonzo Martinez and his business partner launched Komotodo Sushi Burrito, a restaurant located in Writer Square in downtown Denver.

Why sushi burritos? “It’s different,” says Alonzo. “I saw the concept of blending Asian and Latin cuisine in another country and decided that I wanted to try it in Denver. So far, we’re really busy.”

Less than 10 years ago Alonzo was attending Douglas County’s Thunder Ridge High School and participating in JA Business Week, JA-Rocky Mountain’s summer business camp for high school students.

“JA Business Week greatly influenced me and my decision to start a business,” says Alonzo. “It taught me a lot – how to develop a business plan, market a product, build a team and network with business people. It helped me see different possibilities for my future.”

After experiencing three memorable years of JA Business Week as a student, it’s not surprising that Alonzo has returned to JA Business Week – this time as a Company Advisor (CA) and mentor. Volunteering to share his career path, business experience and insights, Alonzo has found serving as a CA just as exciting as participating as a student.

“JA Business Week was the highlight of my high school years, and it’s where my passion and talents lie,” says Alonzo. “Volunteering is a great experience. I feel like I really relate to the students and can help them increase their knowledge and confidence. I want to help empower young students to be successful in business.”

When it comes to success in business, Alonzo is certainly off to a good start with his own unique and popular restaurant.  As stated on his restaurant’s website, “Komotodo is a fast casual contemporary/modern restaurant in the heart of downtown Denver offering a vast array of delectable sushi burritos, salads and desserts that are put together with exquisite flavors that will blow your taste buds away.” Why not give it a try? Visit Komotodo Sushi Burrito.