Cutting through the clutter

Right now, your in-box and social media accounts are probably overflowing with opportunities for you take action, join now, hurry in, or sign up today. Now, imagine this magnified by 1,000 and you have a glimpse into the lives of our young people. These digital natives are not faced with a choice, but a mountain of choices made more complicated by an unending stream of information.

How do we help students focus? JA cuts through the clutter by providing students a path of exploration that enriches their ability to engage in their own development. Our objective is not only to teach them how to balance a budget and fill out an application, but to prepare students for the constantly changing circumstances that they will surely encounter across all areas of their lives.

By learning from the experiences of people who already successfully contribute their skills in the workforce, students develop enduring knowledge, skills, and attitudes that good workers have always possessed – and will need in any workplace in the future. The ability to solve problems, make decisions and seize opportunities can empower students to be work, career, and life ready.

True empowerment is having the ability to manage one’s life, no matter what the circumstances. By nurturing their talent and energy, students build confidence, improve decision-making and foster self-reliance. Through this, we ultimately improve livelihoods and strengthen our community and economy.

More than 1.5 million Coloradoans are under the age of 21. These young people represent a treasure trove of potential. They are the thinkers, doers, risk-takers, and pioneers of the future. For this to happen we must come together as a community and focus on what’s important: inspiring and preparing them to embrace opportunity with gusto!