Expanding students’ ability to flourish & achieve earned success

The American Dream: that magic combination of grit, self-reliance and optimism that has spurred entrepreneurial achievement and improved the quality of life for millions in our country. To have the freedom to make a living, or start a business, or find work you enjoy is the most elemental form of the fulfillment of the American Dream.

Did you know that 42% of entrepreneurs started their first business in childhood? Yet, in measuring the “economic energy” of youth in the U.S., a recent Gallup survey found since 2011 fewer students are running their own business. Not surprising considering the same survey found fewer schools are teaching the power of free enterprise and entrepreneurship.

On the positive side, over half of U.S. students have entrepreneurial aspirations! JA’s Entrepreneurship Initiative can help close that gap and unleash imaginations and inspire self-reliance. The JA Entrepreneurship Initiative is a series of revitalized and reimagined entrepreneurial education programs to help young people develop personal responsibility, resourcefulness, business knowledge and an appreciation for the free market. JA students are proven to be statistically more optimistic about achieving future success than their peers. As you will see in the video below, JA expands students’ ability to flourish and achieve earned success.

By combining our talents, I am confident that we can provide the skills necessary for this generation of young people to continue the great legacy of entrepreneurs ahead of them. Together, we can help turn this generation’s dreams and aspirations into a reality. We can ensure all of our students, no matter what their background, feel in control of their destiny and create their own futures.