“An extremely rewarding experience” for rock star volunteer from DU’s Beta Alpha Psi


Cari Winkler is a standout student and JA champion at the University of Denver.  She has been a Junior Achievement volunteer for two years. “During my sophomore year of college I really wanted to get involved in schools in Denver,” said Cari. “I immediately thought of Junior Achievement because I had a JA volunteer come into my classroom when I was in third grade and I remembered how much fun it was to go through it as a student.”

Cari has become a rock star coordinator for her Beta Alpha Psi group at the University of Denver over the past year and really helped the partnership grow. “Beta Alpha Psi is an organization at the University of Denver composed of Accounting, Finance, and Information Technology majors. Because of this, we are able to teach financial literacy in a way that utilizes our backgrounds to give back to the community in a meaningful way,” said Cari. “The reason I chose to get involved in JA, and encourage others to do so, is because it is an extremely rewarding experience. Regardless of what you are teaching the students, it is important for them to know that someone cares enough to take the time to invest in them.”

During one JA in a Day, Cari arrived to the school prepared to teach in a kindergarten class, however, one of our volunteers for 5th grade had to cancel and we were left with a classroom full of students and no volunteer.  Cari hopped right in and offered to teach the 5th grade class without even seeing the materials!  She prepared during breakfast and started right on time; the students, never the wiser, that she had just learned their lessons!

This year, Cari and the Beta Alpha Psi chapters all throughout the front range are taking their commitment to giving back one step further, “The DU chapter is currently joining together with Beta Alpha Psi chapters throughout Colorado and organizing one day during this school year where we will all participate in the JA in a Day program at local schools. Our hope is that this will make an impact on the schools we work with, give our members an opportunity to serve their communities, and strengthen the relationship between Beta Alpha Psi and Junior Achievement.”  This is shaping up to be a great school year!