JA Director Goes Above & Beyond


Paolo Diaz , director of K-8 programs for Junior Achievement-Rocky Mountain, Inc., has made it an annual tradition to visit JA USA headquarters in Colorado Springs to take a photo by the signature JA triangle. This year, Paolo decided to build on that tradition by breaking up a cross-country family road trip with visits to other JA offices.  In August, the Diaz family visited JA-Midlands in Omaha; JA of Lincoln; JA of Middle America in Kansas City; and JA of Chicago.


This level of passion for the JA mission is not unusual for Paolo who has dedicated the past seven years of his life to helping Colorado kids understand the connection between education and employment. He has helped teachers see the positive impact JA has on their students and is a big reason so many teachers welcome JA volunteers into their classrooms year after year.

In addition to helping Colorado students prepare for future financial success, Paolo’s passion inspires the JA-Rocky Mountain staff to fight every day to better prepare our future workforce while loving every minute of it!