Miss Wyoming gives keynote at Northern Colorado/Wyoming JA Inspiration Reception

Ms Wyoming
Rebecca Podio

On Friday, April 11, Miss Wyoming gave a keynote at the JA Inspiration Reception held at the University of Wyoming College of Business.   Rebecca Podio spoke passionately and personally about the importance of providing Junior Achievement programs and volunteering in the classroom.

Miss Wyoming encouraged attendees to value the role of volunteers in the classroom and the connections it creates between students and community members.  “The way to get kids into the community is to get community into their zone, and JA does this.”

She shared stories of financial pitfalls she has seen others fall into and could avoid with the financial education that Junior Achievement provides.  “Junior Achievement is about empowering students so they can fulfill their potential,” said Rebecca.

Attendees enjoyed conversing with one another about the importance of providing innovative educational opportunities for students across Wyoming.  John Mittelstaedt, University of Wyoming College of Business Interim Dean said, “Junior Achievement opens the doors for young people to learn about business.”

The event was generously sponsored by University of Wyoming College of Business, Trihydro Corporation, and First Interstate Bank.