Capitalism with a Conscience

This spring, senior-level executives are sharing their expertise and empowering high school students to make ethical decisions through JA Capitalism with a Conscience, presented by FirstBank. This program offers students a unique glimpse into ethics from the perspective of our local business leaders and the chance to think critically about their values and approach to ethical dilemmas.

To kick off the JA Capitalism with a Conscience season, executives attended an informative and uplifting reception at the Brown Palace Club hosted by Tom Jorden of Cimarex. Thanks to two guest speakers, high school students Giselle Ortiz and Oliver Martinez, the attendees were inspired to sign up to volunteer in a classroom with JA.

Because of the time commitment and energy given by the JA Capitalism with a Conscience volunteers, our students are becoming the ethical leaders. If you are interested in learning more about JA Capitalism with a Conscience, please contact Hillary Broms at