JA Business Week presenting sponsor & projects announced

Business Week

JA is pleased to announce that Arrow Electronics is going to be the presenting sponsor of JA Business Week 2014! Thanks to Arrow, more than 270 high school students will gather at Johnson & Wales University from June 8 to 13 to reimagine their potential and to collaborate on a once-in-a-lifetime business project in a “Shark Tank” competition.

Additionally, thanks to support from OtterBox, students attending JA Business Week for the first time will design a new cell phone case and marketing plan aimed at increasing OtterBox’s share of the teenage market. Students will gain access to top-level industry professionals and local entrepreneurs, and see the inner workings of OtterBox’s engineering, testing, and production processes.  JA is grateful for the sponsorship of this project from OtterBox and The OtterCares Foundation.

Students attending JA Business Week for their second or third time will compete in a online simulation program by SmartSims called Mike’s Bikes: teams of students will take over a failed bike manufacturing company and work through R&D, marketing, product development, and supply chain management in order to turn the most profit.

Please encourage your high school students to register at Note that we reached capacity last year, so don’t delay to ensure your child can attend!