New Web Portal Designed to Boost Kids’ Money Confidence

Great Piggy Bank Adventure

Junior Achievement and T. Rowe Price have partnered to develop a new web portal,, designed to serve as a go-to resource on financial education for parents, educators and students. The partnership was made possible through a grant from the T. Rowe Price Foundation.

The site provides direct access to The Great Piggy Bank Adventure®, an online game and mobile app that T. Rowe Price collaborated with Walt Disney Imagineering and Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Online to create. Players are challenged to set goals, save and spend wisely, while staying ahead of inflation and diversifying their assets. According to T. Rowe Price’s 2013 Parents, Kids & Money Survey, 75 percent of kids surveyed thought an online game or mobile app would be helpful to them as they learn about saving and spending.

Additionally, students as young as eight years old can learn financial terms and concepts by taking advantage of some of the sites activities, such as money-related crossword puzzles, word searches and quizzes. There is also a Money Glossary, designed to help teach kids key financial terms.

The Parents, Kids & Money Survey also revealed 73 percent of parents think they are having regular conversations about money with their kids, but only 34 percent of kids agree. In an effort to make these conversations easier and more frequent, the new portal offers content on strategies parents, as well as educators, can use to take advantage of everyday teachable moments and consider financial conversation icebreakers for kids ages 5 to 17.  And educators can learn how to integrate the portal activities and games into their curriculum to meet common core standards.

“Developing this portal with T. Rowe Price was a natural fit with Junior Achievement’s founding principle of improving the financial education of youth, and positively impacting long-term personal financial behaviors,” said Jack Kosakowski.  “T. Rowe Price has a longstanding commitment to building financial capabilities in the community, and this shared responsibility defines our partnership.”

“Helping kids learn fundamental concepts, like setting goals, saving, inflation and asset allocation, is the focal point of the partnership with Junior Achievement,” says Ann Allston Boyce, president of the T. Rowe Price Foundation.  “We are pleased to provide funding for Junior Achievement to develop an online resource that is readily available to parents, educators, and volunteers around the country.”