“JA helped reignite the burning desire I have to be in business”

Navil Perez
Navil Perez

Growing up I idolized my aunt Juana. She ran a little convenience store and a pawning business out of her living room. Her life was the epitome of rag to riches. I knew I wanted to be like her one day: only better.

As I grew older I began to hear about the corrupt and selfish business people and I got discouraged from wanting to be a part of their world. I didn’t feel that what they did was very ethical and I was –still am- not willing to compromise my values in order to be successful.

For many years I had pushed aside the thought of ever going into business; but through Junior Achievement I discovered that the passion I had for business had never disappeared.

During the Junior Achievement Stock Market Challenge, I learned that could invest in stocks; I could fund the ideas of other young entrepreneurs and help make their dreams a reality. The teachings of Junior Achievement gave me the desire and the knowledge to start investing in a safe and smart manner. Junior Achievement helped reignite the burning desire I have to be in business.

Now not only do I plan on investing, but I hope to one day start my own nonprofit organization; with the help of Junior Achievement I know I will accomplish this. I could not be more thankful.

-Navil Perez