Add Your JA Volunteer Experience to Your LinkedIn Profile, It’s Easy!

Want to add your Junior Achievement volunteer experience to your LinkedIn profile?  It’s quick and easy. Just follow the three steps below and copy and paste the text below that you wish to choose.

1)     Go to Profile, Edit Profile

2)     Look on right hand side and click the + next to Volunteer Experience

3)     Scroll down to the section and add in your Junior Achievement volunteer experience

Junior Achievement has provided three options below for you to use in your LinkedIn profile, to explain more about your volunteer experience. All of this language is brand-aligned with Junior Achievement’s mission and will help you illustrate how your experience of volunteering with Junior Achievement has made an impact on your life and the lives of the students you taught. Please be sure to use “Junior Achievement” and not “JA.” This will make it more effective within LinkedIn’s search function.

1)    As a Junior Achievement volunteer, I taught the <<insert name of program>> program to a <<year of school>> grade class in <<city>>. I helped the students make a connection between what they were learning in school and how it can be applied in the real world. My Junior Achievement volunteer experience left me feeling proud and energized about a better future for our young people! I would recommend volunteering with Junior Achievement to anyone.

2)    I volunteered with Junior Achievement of <<insert local Junior Achievement Area name>> and taught the <<name of program>> program to a <<year of school>> grade class. I delivered relevant information and I had the opportunity to share my personal and professional experiences with students from my community. I felt like I really made a difference in the lives of young people!

3)    I recently volunteered to teach the Junior Achievement <<name of program>> program to a <<year of school>> grade class. I helped give the students knowledge and skills in financial literacy, work readiness and entrepreneurship. I volunteer with Junior Achievement because I know that I am actively helping today’s young people plan for their future and make smart academic and economic choices.