“I got a taste of the real world”

In November 2012, I was afforded the opportunity to attend JA Finance Park. The experience I gained from the event was invaluable. When I (along with the rest of Rangeview High School’s business students) arrived, we were given packets with a random life scenario. For example, I was a 25 year old male with no family and I earned $60,000 per year from being a farmer.

Based on our life situation, we had to select what kind of life we wanted. I would have to say this was my favorite part. For example, I bought a 2004 Nissan Altima, a 4 bedroom house with an expansive back yard, and the best health plan. We also bought stocks, chose what kind of foods we wanted to eat each month, and picked our cell phone plans. After all of this, we paid our monthly fees and taxes. By doing all of this, I got a taste of the real world. I had to choose what I wanted to sacrifice in order to get a better quality item, like sacrificing a nice car for a luxurious house. Prior to this, I thought that life was easy. However, I realized that an adult’s responsibilities are high and how one’s job dictates his/her life.

By knowing what to expect after college, I can plan accordingly and have a better life. Furthermore, by gaining all this knowledge and experience, I can educate my colleagues on how to make wise decisions about their future. I could tell them to save some extra cash just in case they have spent too much, or I could say that having a family impacts your financial decisions.  I am truly grateful that I had the opportunity to attend JA Finance Park.

-Bruce Ahn

To learn more about volunteering for JA Finance Park, presented by Great-West Great-Teachers, a program of Great-West Financial, visit the Volunteer section of our website.  If you are an educator, contact Stephanie Murphy at 303-260-6284.