“I knew that I would be successful from all the learning”

JA Student Nasurudin had the opportunity to present at the 2013 Colorado Business Hall of Fame

I was once a regular old student at Aurora Hills Middle School. I’d come every morning to afternoon filling my head with learning almost a perfunctory for me. I’d come home and would be oblivious to my future, I wouldn’t even think about what I might do for a job. I only paid my utmost attention to what was happening now. I wouldn’t even be able to answer someone if they asked me what I would want to do when I grow up. I would just say a no with a shrug followed after and leave. That was until I heard about JA business classes and thought to myself, “What the heck, might as well.”

Then with that I came to the classes, they blew me away. They talked about things that didn’t even come to mind though out my life. They talked about taxes to expenses I’d have to pay. Not to mention credit and debit cards, none-the-less they even talked about how to manage my money. I knew that I would be successful from all the learning. I also knew from my experience that one day in my nice and shiny office facing my glass view over the whole city I’d say to myself, “Thank You JA!” My favorite part of was JA Finance Park.

At the park there were numerous things about life that I’d need to think about. There were home expenses, to car expenses, and even to clothes expenses. There were so many things that even I didn’t think about at my own home none-the-less when I grow up. I learned so much info that I want to teach another about it. It could have been my kids, or a friend, or a stranger off the streets for all I cared.

I would teach that person all about business and everything related to it. This would be expenses, taxes, and credit and debit, along with tons of other info that I learned. For if they can recall all the info I taught them I want them to have a shiny office with a view as well (but not as good as mine of course). JA I want to thank you for helping me set up my future and teaching me all you could, just like I’d be doing when in my future I’ll do now, “Thank You JA.”

-Nasurudin Furi

To learn more about volunteering for JA Finance Park, visit the Volunteer section of our website.  If you are an educator, contact Stephanie Murphy at 303-260-6284 to learn how to get involved.