10-year partnership between volunteer & teacher

JA Volunteer Tom Bolin has been partnering with the same teacher since 2002. Tom was initially introduced to JA and Mr. Schell through his job with the McDonald’s Corporation and what began as a one time event has turned into a decade long partnership. “I have a great relationship with Mr. Schell and it’s easy to complete the course in his classroom because we know what each of our roles are,” said Tom. “The program is so easy to manage with all of the enclosed workbooks and supplies. I also enjoy the Thank You notes that the students make. Mr. Schell has the class draw Thank You’s and they are fun to read and look at.”

Tom is a native of Denver and attended The University of Colorado where he studied engineering. Upon graduation Tom began working for McDonald’s; first for twenty two years with a local owner and operator and for the last ten with the McDonald’s Corporation. He is also married and has three children who inspire him to stay involved, “Through JA I feel like I am supporting the Cherry Creek Schools teachers as a payback for them teaching my children. I have two daughters in 2nd and 5th grade at another school.” In addition to teaching with Mr. Schell, Tom has taught at two other schools and encourages his colleges to get involved with JA each year.

When asked if there was any advice he would give to new volunteers Tom said, “I would recommend new volunteers talk at length with the teacher on what works and what doesn’t. Teaching the kids is exhilarating but it takes a lot of energy. I really appreciate the effort a teacher makes to manage their class for an entire day.”