The students weren’t the only ones that learned

By Adam Wise, George Washington High School student and son of JA President & CEO Robin Wise

What an amazing experience!

I recently taught Junior Achievement (JA) Our City to first graders at Montclair Elementary School. As a high school student, it was an amazing experience to have that big of an impact on my students. During the lesson, it was truly gratifying to see the looks on their faces as they began understanding the concepts. But, I feel like the students weren’t the only ones that learned.

Listening to those kids say what “family” meant to them showed me that maturity is way beyond age. One student, nearly brought a tear to my eye when he spoke up, “family is a group that loves each other and works to keep each other safe;” something I wasn’t prepared for.

That was the most fun I have ever had volunteering. JA prepared me so well that all I had to do was show up and enjoy my time there… And teach of course.

I now have an even better understanding of why my mom believes so deeply in the JA mission. I will definitely be visiting another school with JA soon!

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