JA Job Shadow – Partners Group

Virtual JA Job Shadow Overview

Below you will find the overview for the virtual JA Job Shadow at Partners Group. During the next few hours, you should complete steps 1 and 2. You should watch at least ONE video from step 3, but JA encourages you to watch multiple Deep Dive videos. Lastly, check out some of the supporting documents that Partners Group has provided.

Before starting any of the videos, you should open your virtual JA Job Shadow Student Guide. This is where you can  take notes throughout these videos and take the most away from this experience. For this event, please complete the full student guide document. The only section that should be skipped over is called “Scenario Challenge.” Remember – if you hear any terms or words that you are not familiar with, write those down! You can then review the additional documents the company has sent over to see if they cover those words you don’t know. If they don’t, it is your turn to do your own research!

Now let’s get started!

Step 1 – Company Overview: Partners Group is a global private markets investment manager. They have USD 96 billion in assets under management and more than 1,500 professionals across 20 offices worldwide. Partners Group’s successful entrepreneurial history of investing in private markets on behalf of their clients is based on long-term oriented partnerships with both employees and business partners that support their business strategy. This has encouraged a corporate culture of commitment, accountability and entrepreneurship. They realize potential in private markets by financing and developing great companies, desirable real estate and essential infrastructure. Since inception, they have invested over USD 135 billion in private equity, private real estate, private debt and private infrastructure on behalf of their clients.

Below you will find a few resources to help kick off this virtual event! Check out more details about what Partners Group is all about by clicking their website. Once you have done a bit more research, head over to the company overview and tour, led by our Partners Group volunteers. 

Step 2 – Employee Panel: Now that you know a bit more about the mission of Partners Group and what they do on campus, it is time to meet some of their employees! Check out this panel discussion to hear about some of the possible career opportunities that could be waiting for you. Take notes on some of the amazing things these panelists do at a high level. You will get a chance to learn more about them and their days in the next step.

  • Panel Discussion Video
  • Panelists:
    • (Moderator) Michael Gregg – Managing Director, Financial & Business Services
    • Michael Meredith – Senior Client Relationship Professional 
    • Brett Leonhardt – Lead Asset Manager, Private Real Estate 
    • Rob Vincze – Senior Associate, Infrastructure Directs
    • Ethan Matter –Senior Associate, Private Equity Directs
    • Ashley Amaral – Senior Operating Associate, Healthcare 
    • Bryna Coyle – Financial Analyst 
    • Nicole Kenny – Associate, ESG & Sustainability

Step 3 – Department Deep Dives: You’ve now heard a high level overview of what possible job opportunities are available at Partners Group, but what does each of these department’s and employee’s days look like? Several of our volunteers have recorded a video to walk you through their days, give a feel for what their job entails, and provide additional context about their overall career journey! Click on their names to watch each deep dive video. 

  • Ashley AmaralSenior Operating Associate, Healthcare 
  • Bryna Coyle Financial Analyst
  • Brett LeonhardtLead Asset Manager, Private Real Estate
  • Client Solutions Michael Meredith – Senior Client Relationship Professional; Mariya Gruzdeva – Client Relationship Support Professional; Brad Ballard – Country Head Client Solutions
  • Ethan Matter – Senior Associate, Private Equity Directs
  • Steffany Steckel – Executive Assistant to the Co-CEO

Step 4 – Additional Resources: Congratulations! You have just finished our virtual JA Job Shadow! It wouldn’t be an actual event, if you didn’t get some handouts! Below are some additional resources provided by Partners Group. They give you a bit more information on what they do at their office and also provide some more context on some of the things mentioned throughout the videos.  

Questions? If you have any questions about what you saw during the videos or questions for any of the volunteers that spoke, please provide those to your teacher. Your teacher can then provide those questions to their JA representative.

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