Volunteering is a Family Matter for U.S. Bank Executive

Whether it’s teaching young people about money management for Junior Achievement, or donning a stylish turkey helmet to run in the annual Turkey Trot to benefit Mile High United Way, U.S. Bank Senior Vice President and Petroleum Engineering Manager Mike Flanigan likes to serve his community – and to serve alongside his family.

Mike Flanigan and his daughter, Micaela, team up to volunteer in the community

Mike’s daughter, Micaela, now 24, started volunteering with her dad in JA classrooms when she was just 14. Thinking that she might like to become a teacher someday, Micaela loved helping her dad as he taught younger students about the ins and outs of managing money and starting a business.

“We have enjoyed working with the kids and seeing their growing understanding of the JA programs,” said Mike.  “JA is so important because it provides students with financial literacy education that currently is not taught in most public schools. It’s also fun for students to see new faces in the classroom and to learn from volunteers who bring different experiences and perspectives to their learning.”

Given his background in petroleum engineering, Mike particularly enjoys teaching JA’s 4th grade curriculum – JA Our Region – because it involves topics such as regional natural resources and economics.  Mike and Micaela also have volunteered frequently at JA Finance Park, and Mike’s wife, Marty, also has joined them on occasion.

Mike Flanigan (2nd from right), volunteers with his U.S. Bank colleagues at JA Finance Park

Through both her high school and college years, Micaela co-taught JA programs with her dad, and just this past fall taught her first solo class – teaching JA Our Family to first graders.  And, while she did not become a teacher, Micaela will graduate this spring from the University of Colorado with a Bachelor of Science degree and a minor in business. She plans to pursue a job in the medical field and, alongside her dad, Micaela will continue to volunteer for JA.

JA-Rocky Mountain is grateful to Mike and his family for their longstanding commitment to inspiring young people, and to making volunteer service a family tradition.