“These kids represent our future”

Kris Defnet

Kris Defnet became interested in volunteering for JA when she saw another volunteer with one of JA’s recognizable kits walking down the hall of her daughter’s school. She realized that becoming a JA volunteer would be a great way to share her business experience and get involved in her child’s school. Kris, now in her fourth year of volunteering for JA, has presented most of JA’s elementary school curriculum. She has also recruited and organized other JA volunteers.

JA is important to Kris because she believes that it is important for kids to learn business and financial lessons at an early age. “These kids represent our future,” said Kris. “And it’s never too early to start a conversation about careers and how their education will help them on the path they might take some day. They don’t always have these conversations at home and if they do, JA gives them an opportunity to build on what they’ve learned at home.”

Kris continues to be a dedicated JA volunteer because knows that she is making an impact on the kids. “The thank you notes they make are so precious,” said Kris. “And when the kids remember you months later it’s wonderful. A very charismatic first grader from a class earlier this year still recognizes me when he sees me at school and always gives me a cheery “Hi Mrs. Defnet!” Priceless.”