“I learned more about myself than I ever have”

JA Student Pedro Martinez

Business is extremely essential towards the production and well being of how this world really works beyond the curtains. It is far beyond more important than most people perceive. The modern world we all live in now consists of the distribution of products and services that help everything go accordingly and live up to satisfaction of producers and consumers. Without business, there is nothing. Thus, the importance of learning how the business world works is so important.

JA Business Week and the JA Stock Market Challenge were two events that I could never forget in my life. JA Business Week is the most inspirational week that I have ever gone through. I learned more about myself than I ever have throughout that event at Johnson & Wales University. The Stock Market Challenge really pushed me to think thoroughly and insightfully. Buying and selling is far more complex than I had originally thought. I am very thankful I participated in such an intense and productive event.The programs that Junior Achievement offers have taught me more than I could ever imagine about so many things. Marketing, advertising, networking are only some aspects of business that I have learned.

Words really cannot describe how much I love and appreciate everything JA does for each and every individual to help them succeed and teach them about things that are so important.

-Pedro Martinez, JA Business Week Student

Applications to JA Business Week are being accepted now through May 2, 2014!  Click here to learn more about getting involved as a JA Business Week student or volunteer.