“Money and finance are scary mysteries to many”

By Jim Crompton, JA Apple Society Member

I have worked in the financial services industry for more than 20 years and still feel that money and finance are scary mysteries to many (young and old alike!). I wanted to find a way to make the financial world more accessible and exciting to everyone.

I started volunteering for Junior Achievement (JA) in 2006 when my company, Vectra Bank Colorado, had their annual JA in a Day event at Force Elementary School in Denver. I liked the way JA programs are designed so that students see the fun in financial literacy and build their confidence in entrepreneurship.

Like many of my Vectra Bank Colorado coworkers, I have become a long-term, dedicated JA volunteer. In fact, I was recently inducted into the JA Apple Society for having taught more than 250 students! All of my JA class experiences have been rewarding; however, one of my fondest experiences was teaching JA Our City to my daughter’s 3rd grade class and seeing her so proud of her dad.

JA programs allow students to see the world around them in a new way. When they walk into a restaurant or doughnut shop, they may remember the decisions that go into starting and running that business. When they see a newspaper, they’ll remember the articles they compiled with their class. When they see their parents using an ATM card, they may remind them to remember to balance their bank account! JA serves the community by preparing the next generation to see the business and financial world in a different more positive way.

I am proud to be a part of the JA mission.